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Film Studies

Recently, I, Chocolate Cosmos, have been absorbed reaction videos, specifically Game of Thrones highlights throughout the episodes. I have come to the conclusion that Film Studies and the inorganic way in which movies are considered is necessary, which will be to my partner's delight. After all for another art form, classical music, the same method was applied to an even stronger degree, and paramounts of beauty have been delivered because of it. But after some observations of this study new to me, I want to remind its academics that outside the methodological way in which a great movies are produced lies irregular ways in which movies are produced. I am reminded of the anime Tokyo Ghoul, it's opening song comes to mind and its YouTube comments are pulsing with comments saying "It goes against all music theory" or "There is no order to the notes", from commenters who seem to be too schooled and civilized in their understanding of music and domesticated i
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General Ways to Keep Healthy

A lot of people struggle to exercise at least three times a week and eat healthily. Eating healthily to a lot of people is eating horribly tasting greens, little savory meat or poultry and the occasional smoothie here and there. Why should losing weight and eating healthily be Torturous? Here, I aim to set out several effective methods for weight loss and maintaining a healthy diet. Enjoy. So what usually irks people when they’re trying to lose weight or just keep healthy is the sheer will-power required for a massive turnover on how you live your life; waking up at 5:00AM to go jogging, committing to high-energy, back-breaking workouts  - determination becomes more of the issue. Instead, if you create a schedule which is manageable everyday, no matter what the occasion, you’re more likely to succeed. It’s very true that your mental state and your likelihood of weight loss success are linked. However weight loss maintenance success is not linked to your mental health accordin